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Partnering with clients and viewers to spread audiovisual content that inspires, informs, and injects positive change. 

My early fascination with visuals began in my native Italy while studying the great masters of painting and sculpture of the Renaissance. I later had a calling for the adventurous life of a journalist or a diplomat, which led to a Political Science degree and a career in communications for a wide array of non-profit organizations. Finally, I fully embraced the filmmaker's life  because I found out I give my absolute best as a visual storyteller. An idealist at heart, I enjoy advocating for positive change while telling stories that stir people's imagination and grow support for a good cause.

Inspiration and creativity fuel our work. We love to create for clients who are innovators, unconventional thinkers and agents for change. We channel our passion in visuals of various format and style that succeed at stirring the viewers' emotions every single time.


Get in touch to get started or to ask us some questions. We will get back to you promptly. 


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Brooklyn, NY

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