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Love it, dread it, run from it… the fact of the matter is that video content conveys information in a faster and more accurate way than other types of media. A person viewing a video is likely to retain as much as 95% of the message, as opposed to the average 10% for the text form.

Video is the most reliable medium to ensure your message gets across.

When done right, video content can engage a viewer’s attention at a glance, hold it long enough for your message to be delivered effectively, and leave them with a lasting impression once they finish. And do so in less time than it would take through text or still images.

How are you communicating your value?

Clients and users have to trust that your products or services will perform as promised for them even to consider interacting with you. Content marketing is solely based on trust and working to create long-term relationships. So, stop selling, and let your clients come to you. 

Experience having hundreds sales people working for you at all times.

When crafted properly, videos have a unique ability to take thoroughly complex subjects and make them approachable. And to do so in the span of a minute or two, which is often all the time you have to hold a viewer’s attention online. Few types of videos outclass all others: explainer videos, product videos, or video business cards, like the one above.

Let our modern-day business card explain who you are, what you do, why and how you do it .
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